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Ramirent Temporary Space solves accommodation need for asylum seekers in Stockholm

Ramirent Temporary Space has been contracted to provide living spaces for asylum seekers at two locations in the Stockholm area. In total 150 rooms will be established with additional spaces for canteens and personal spaces.

”We are very pleased to be able to help in providing solutions to create living spaces for persons who are seeking asylum in Sweden. The temporary spaces we provide are of high standards equal to permanent buildings. Our temporary spaces are usually used as hotels or apartments for workers during long-term projects at distant locations such as wind power projects or projects in the oil industry in Norway where the residents have high demands on their living conditions,” says Mikael Salenstedt, SVP, Ramirent Temporary Space.

The temporary spaces are rented by two municipalities in Stockholm county. The temporary space modules are delivered straight from the factory and consist in one of the locations of two apartment buildings with a total of 88 rooms. Offices, canteen and spaces for personnel will be located in a separate temporary building. At the other location two temporary apartment buildings are rented with 60 rooms. The temporary spaces will be taken into use in March 2016.